Okay everyone, the holiday season is upon us, so what better a time for me to curate a medical gift guide list of epic proportions than now?! I have hand selected dozens of products appropriate for the tastes and humour of medical professionals across a spectrum of specialties, practices, and styles. I can say with full conviction (as a medical student in my third year) that I would be thrilled to receive any of the below for Christmas, my birthday, graduation or any other notable occasion deserving of a specially selected present. Except maybe the tooth bracelet, I’ll leave that one for the dentists. This post is so long that I have broken it up into sections so that you may skip and scroll past whichever categories you believe unsuitable for the recipient whom you are shopping for. Simply click the picture you are interested and a new tab will open where you can view the details and make the purchase!

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c86f566037a345c4caea12984fed031e.jpgI’m officially experiencing senioritis.

Having senioritis is great in undergraduate programs, because technically your entire future isn’t revolving around the last few months of your 4 year degree. Now, however, I feel unable to fully succumb to my careless subconscious telling me that procrastinating is okay, and that I’ve tried hard enough for long enough, and that I’m pretty much outta here. This being because, news flash, I’m not outta here! Or this! Or med school at all! And never really will be! And that the courses I’m taking now, in this final semester of second year are some of the most important courses in preparation for my future as a physician, and USMLE/MCCEE test taker.  Continue reading