Why I Decided to Pick OBGYN Instead of Psychiatry



For a lot of you, the time is coming up to pick a specialty and choose a track for your upcoming rotations. I thought I’d tell you about how I picked #OBGYN

I was so torn up about the decision. I intentionally went into medical school to pursue psychiatry. And although I kept an open mind about every specialty, I really didn’t think I would be convinced otherwise. In fact, of all the specialties I’d kept an open mind about, OBGYN was the only one I had exclusively ruled out. I truly thought that I’d hate it! And though I am a woman, the thought of examining another woman’s genitals every day for a living didn’t exactly pique my interest. And the babies? Not for me. I dreaded that rotation all year!

As my core rotations went by, one by one, I found that none of them were giving me that warm and fuzzy feeling people say you’re supposed to have. This didn’t surprise me, because none of them were psychiatry. Then my 6 weeks in OBGYN began and my internal dialogue went something like this: Continue reading