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What a stressful time! I have never had so many emotional break downs in my life! This is not to discourage anyone, as my stress was derived from a number of factors. First, moving to a developing country. Second, dealing with such a different style of academics, coming from a background in the arts. Third, figuring out how to find a balance between my academic, physical, and social life. And finally fourth, feeling trapped on my tiny little campus or apartment that was out of the way from most of my friends. Continue reading


Tonni & Daniel

Tonni & Daniel

 A few weeks ago I was asked to play photographer at a vow renewal ceremony for a fellow student on campus. The event went off without a hitch, the weather was perfect, and the guests were having fun. I’d never attended a true beach wedding before, and I’d have to say, this one checked all the boxes for what I’d envisioned.

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IMG_8734_2My first set of blocks for the new semester came and went, and I celebrated with classmates the next weekend by exploring this beautiful island. A bunch of friends/fellow classmates hopped on a bus and drove an hour out of town to the base of La Soufriere, a volcano with the highest peak in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

There are two different ways to ascend the mountain – one side offers a never-ending series of stairs, while the other offers a rocky, bushy expanse of “trails” (I use air quotes because they were hardly visible, and mostly just areas of trampled bush). We took the latter. The entire hike, up and down totaled about 28k…a necessary climb after an entire week of indoor studying on my butt! I have to say, it was the most glorious outdoor experience I’ve ever had. The weather was perfectly warm, and even though it started to pour rain for an hour on the way up, we barely noticed due to the expanse of foliage protecting us from above. The rain that did hit us, though, was welcome, the hike was intensely vertical (surprise, surprise) and our tour guide was practically running a mile/minute. Continue reading