metThis halloween I wasn’t planning to go out, but ended up deciding last minute to attend a party at a local bar hosted for the island medical students. I went as a zombie, some of my other friends had really great costumes that outdid mine by a mile! I had a great time, but left at 12:30 because I’m a granny who likes her beauty sleep. Here are some pics from the night (before we went out, because I left my camera at home): Continue reading



Last week saw the end of another round of exams, and luckily for us, the following day was a holiday (Independence Day)! So, myself along with some other students rented a motor boat for the day and “sailed” over to Bequia, a beautiful island across from St. Vincent. We docked off shore to jump off for some snorkelling, motored over to a beach for lunch and relaxation in the water, then finished the day at another beach before boating home. There is nothing more peaceful to me than being out on the open water on a boat, under a clear blue sky, with friends and yummy beverages! Here are some pics from the day: Continue reading