Okay everyone, the holiday season is upon us, so what better a time for me to curate a medical gift guide list of epic proportions than now?! I have hand selected dozens of products appropriate for the tastes and humour of medical professionals across a spectrum of specialties, practices, and styles. I can say with full conviction (as a medical student in my third year) that I would be thrilled to receive any of the below for Christmas, my birthday, graduation or any other notable occasion deserving of a specially selected present. Except maybe the tooth bracelet, I’ll leave that one for the dentists. This post is so long that I have broken it up into sections so that you may skip and scroll past whichever categories you believe unsuitable for the recipient whom you are shopping for. Simply click the picture you are interested and a new tab will open where you can view the details and make the purchase!

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Hello friends! It’s been a while since I’ve written a text post – blog style –  instead of making a video. I was asked via Twitter to explain the pathway of medical school in the USA. This is a question I am asked online, but more frequently by friends and family who can never remember the complexities of my academic program. I have always wished there was a comprehensive infographic out there that I could simply hand over to anyone asking. This morning (let’s be honest, I was totally procrastinating) I decided to draw one up for myself, and for all of you out there who have been waiting for the same thing! Below is the JPG format, but if you would like to download a PDF copy, click here. Enjoy!



mug cake

This is from the internet, yours will most likely not look this nice. But it will taste good, I promise.

Hi Friends!

Today I thought I’d bring you a gift, a wonderful, delicious gift. I typically *try* to stick to a healthy diet on most days, however I am not one of those people who can go more than 1 day without a desert type treat. This is why I try as hard as I can to exercise at least 3 times a week – so I can eat my treats without gaining the pounds! Also, because exercise is amazing for your mental and physical state, etc. (see my last video about positivity for evidence). Anyhow, the thing about being in medical school is that we are busy all the time! And while I commend those who make time for baking tasty treats from scratch, I simply cannot be bothered to spend the time on a full tray of brownies (at least not as often as I want them), not to mention how detrimental that would be for my health as I do not like sharing… So, I made it my mission a few years ago to find the perfect 1 minute mug cake/brownie recipe. Since it was so long ago, I can’t actually remember what website I found it on, however I’ve tailored it to my tastes, so hopefully my instructions below will suffice!  Continue reading


c86f566037a345c4caea12984fed031e.jpgI’m officially experiencing senioritis.

Having senioritis is great in undergraduate programs, because technically your entire future isn’t revolving around the last few months of your 4 year degree. Now, however, I feel unable to fully succumb to my careless subconscious telling me that procrastinating is okay, and that I’ve tried hard enough for long enough, and that I’m pretty much outta here. This being because, news flash, I’m not outta here! Or this! Or med school at all! And never really will be! And that the courses I’m taking now, in this final semester of second year are some of the most important courses in preparation for my future as a physician, and USMLE/MCCEE test taker.  Continue reading


tumblr_m3vwk5lv8U1qchy3bo1_500For the first time since I started medical school 12 months ago, I got sick. I got sick, and it was so, so awful. I’m not talking about your average cold, sore throat, and cough. This was a hard core stomach bug that stayed in my system for 5 whole days! And under normal circumstances, those 5 days would be spent alone in bed and fast asleep. However, according to Murphy’s law, or whatever intergalactic rule that presides over this existence, no one apparently is ever allowed to come down with a stomach flu at a convenient time. This bug hit me right, before, exams.  Continue reading



Pathology I
Research Methods II


There really is no way to sugarcoat it…this, semester, was, brutal. In a way though, it was unpleasant in the same way that a band aid hurts as it’s ripped off – painful yet quick, and leaves a sting after. Why? Well, if you look at the courses listed above, you will note that they are some of the most material dense subjects encountered in the basic sciences (think Micro, Pharm, and Path). And these courses, on top of an 8am-5pm schedule Monday-Friday, leave little room for down time or (USMLE) board prep, the two essentials for second year med students. So, I found myself stressing, procrastinating, gaining weight, not exercising, and generally wishing it was Christmas earlier than I had ever before…by the first week of November! Furthermore, by the time the break rolled around, I was left feeling exhausted and drained for almost 2 weeks after the final exam. Continue reading


2066e5835995d061bfaf8cb1469c3d142015 has been quite the year, and I can say in full honesty that I have studied more in these past twelve months than I had over the four year course of my entire undergraduate degree. Funnily enough, today I received one of those Facebook “memory” notifications showing an image I posted today, last year. The image was of a beach that I would visit almost every weekend for the rest of the year! And to be honest, that’s what reminded me to write this post, or rather, this journal entry to make up for all the ones I’ve missed throughout the year. Continue reading


metThis halloween I wasn’t planning to go out, but ended up deciding last minute to attend a party at a local bar hosted for the island medical students. I went as a zombie, some of my other friends had really great costumes that outdid mine by a mile! I had a great time, but left at 12:30 because I’m a granny who likes her beauty sleep. Here are some pics from the night (before we went out, because I left my camera at home): Continue reading



Last week saw the end of another round of exams, and luckily for us, the following day was a holiday (Independence Day)! So, myself along with some other students rented a motor boat for the day and “sailed” over to Bequia, a beautiful island across from St. Vincent. We docked off shore to jump off for some snorkelling, motored over to a beach for lunch and relaxation in the water, then finished the day at another beach before boating home. There is nothing more peaceful to me than being out on the open water on a boat, under a clear blue sky, with friends and yummy beverages! Here are some pics from the day: Continue reading


tumblr_m9hc8uwGxN1r5pmtio1_500It has been a while since I’ve written anything, and it all has to do with this being the craziest semester ever! My schedule has reverted back to the MD1 days of 8-5’s, minus the hands-on labs. This time around it’s straight lectures, all day, every day. Not only do we have some of the more dense courses (ie. Path, Pharm, & Micro), but we’ve also been killed with loads of assignments and presentations. There was a point last month where I had 4 presentations in under 2 weeks! That’s the down side of attending a smaller medical school – participation marks count, and so instead of burying your head in the books studying for blocks (like you wish you could), you’ve got to get in what’s called “active learning”. To me, it’s silly, but I just accept it and move on.

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