2 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT AICM

  1. Ariel Sheppard says:

    Hello. I am a SJSM student as well from Anguilla however. Did you find your place after you got there or did you sign a lease from the island? Also, where did you find furniture? We have a few Canadian students as well that I will refer your videos too. Great blog! And I will be sure to have people look into it when they ask me about the St. Vincent campus. I have a blog as well about the Anguilla campus. Check it out at your leisure but I doubt you have that. http://www.MermaidDoc.com


    • KC Miller says:

      Hi Ariel! I believe I answered this by responding to your comment on YouTube (I’m pretty sure that was you – hopefully!) are you asking about furniture on the island, or Chicago? On the island most of the apartments you find are furnished. In Chicago…Ikea! I’ve heard there are a lot of really good furniture re-sale places here too that sell great pieces for cheap. I’ll definitely check out your blog, and thank you so much 🙂


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