Tonni & Daniel

Tonni & Daniel

 A few weeks ago I was asked to play photographer at a vow renewal ceremony for a fellow student on campus. The event went off without a hitch, the weather was perfect, and the guests were having fun. I’d never attended a true beach wedding before, and I’d have to say, this one checked all the boxes for what I’d envisioned.

The event started with cocktails at the wedding venue – a nice, open air hotel restaurant elevated from the beach front. The groomsmen and bridesmaids lined up in position to walk down from the hotel to the beach, and up the aisle. It must have been 40 degrees outside, and I honestly felt a little bad for the bridal party having to withstand the heat, but the sunshine made everything so beautiful! The women were wearing floor-length black dresses and the men long pants and long sleeved button up shirts. I was sweltering in the shade in a little jump suit as it was, capturing images of them all coming down the steps. Eventually, the bride made her way down to the beach and up the aisle. Two friends of mine plucked away on their guitars as some sweet words were shared by a few other friends (we’re all friends here, I guess, since everyone knows each other!). It was pretty funny, the beach was not private, so on a Sunday afternoon there were definitely a fair number of locals swimming and playing around next to us. They let us be, but you’ll see some of them in the background of some of the photos.

The sweet little ceremony ended (much to the audience’s relief, I think, because the sun was shining directly on us all), and everyone headed back up to the poolside for a while before heading down the street to the reception venue. It was altogether a great time, and things got a little crazy at the reception, what with the open bar and all. Some great words were shared by the bride, the food and cake were delicious, and the company was definitely fun! It was so nice of the bride and groom to extend the invite to all the students, we don’t often have an excuse to dress up and get together as a group. Some of the profs even showed up and had a party.

I’ll end this short post by saying, thanks Tonni & Daniel, you’re such a fun couple and I’m so glad I got to know you over the weekend. I had a blast at the wedding (and the after party), and am appreciative that you cared so much about making your guests have a good time. We did! Your love is inspiring 🙂









The evening's guitarists! 2 of the best guys I know right here!

The evening’s guitarists! 2 of the best guys I know right here!










Mo DJing, fellow Ottawa buddy!!

Mo DJing, fellow Ottawa buddy!!

Only picture taken of me all night. And my friend Ayman.

My friend Ayman & I. Pretty sure this is the only pic taken of me all night!

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