tumblr_mjx7i6xfgQ1qgl8xqo1_500Let me answer some questions:

Kc, why did you say you would blog about med school and then…not?

OK guys. As it turned out, I couldn’t get some of my documents submitted by the deadline in August, so I deferred to the new year. Realistically, I probably could’ve rushed things and made it for the September class, however I also felt like a longer break was necessary to completely decompress and enjoy my life, friends, and family. I DID start school in January, though, but I have been so caught up with it all that blogging and recording fell entirely to the bottom of my priority list. So how has it been?

BUSY. So busy that I don’t even have time to write a blog post? No. BUT, when I have those moments of free time I am craving absolute relaxation – which means spending time outside, away from the thing I stare at all day (my macbook), and participating in social things, like, talking, instead of…you know…reading.

What classes are you currently taking as an MD1?

Anatomy, Histology, Embryology, Ethics, Radiology, Case-based Learning. Anatomy and histology we have every day, embryology three times a week, ethics two, case-based and radiology one.

How many exams and presentations have you had so far?

By the end of next week, I will have completed 18 exams – 12 lecture exams, 6 lab exams. As for presentations, probably around the 10 mark?


It’s been a crazy ride this past semester, and the one thing I realized today is that I function best when I’m actively channeling my creative energies into something inventive. Having put all my time into school these past 3 months and nothing else has been exhausting and downright boring. I need you, internet! School is my number 1 priority, which is why I need to get back to doing things that inspire and thrill me. Without those things, my mental state is not conducive to learning. Anyhow, please look forward to more posts about my life here as I try to make things a tadddd more interesting!


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